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Welcome to Droid Stars! A massive and immense Android news site where you get not only the latest but the best Android news updates selectively picked out by our respective authors and editors.

Be it apps, phone reviews, tutorials, or even some complex rooting methods you arere looking for, you can find it all in here. We also endlessly search the net to get freshest news surfacing on the Android world. Needless to say, you can also join us in cracking some of the best rumors dealing with Android.

Our staff comprises of bloggers, neat techno freaks, gamers, and of course Android fanatics. If you have one or two questions about our website, feel free to drop an email to our inbox Alternatively, you can also use our contact form for quicker and more convenient "Hello”.

All of the content available on our site is entirely free to access. As a bunch of deep-rooted Android enthusiasts, we always refrain from the idea of launching a paid subscription model to our readers. Likewise, we also do not provide any paid services or sort of thing – including but not limited to – app reviews and sponsored posts. Our stream of income solely comes from the advertisement visible in certain sections of our website.

We are not based in the United States but that will never hold us back from scouring the deepest corner of Android world. Still, should you think there is something interesting that slips our fingers, be sure to tip us. You are not only helping us bring the freshest news update to our readers but also the entire Android community.