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Main » 2013 » September » 25 » Samsung “Project F” phones may have flexible display, metal chassis
5:31 AM
Samsung “Project F” phones may have flexible display, metal chassis

out of South Korea is reporting that Samsung will begin producing a premium lineup of smartphones, starting next year. The devices, which currently assume the codename "Project F”, will be coming to retail in March of 2014, according to Japanese blog rbmen.

The devices, which are said to be the next iteration of the Galaxy S4 and Note line of devices, will not only up the ante on specs, but make a radical departure in regard to Samsung’s tried-and-true build quality. Said to have a "metal chassis” like the HTC One, the devices could also have a 5-inch screen and optical image stabilization in the camera. ETNews also notes a 1600 million pixel camera, but that is probably going to be a 16MP shooter that has been lost in Google translation.

ETNews went on to mention the devices will run Android Jelly Bean, but that seems unlikely if it’s set for a March 2014 launch. An Exynos processor and flexible display are also rumored to be included, but the latter seems unlikely.

These devices are not meant to replace the Galaxy or Note lines as we know them, but add to the lineup. Samsung wants to increase their market saturation, and have devices at an increased variety of price points.

This adds an interesting wrinkle to Samsung’s attitude toward building devices. They’ve previously been very indignant regarding their plastic devices, but could be reacting to a trend in the market.
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