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Main » 2014 » August » 6 » The choice of instruments reflects the advanced Curiosity
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The choice of instruments reflects the advanced Curiosity

The choice of instruments reflects the advanced Curiosity

In sharp contrast Curiosity whose mission is to first demonstrate the habitability of its landing site - as indeed allowed the ChemCam of CNES - Curiosity 2 aims to find strong evidence of form of past life. For this, it will carry seven selected out of 58 proposals received by the scientific instruments Nasa (proof if proof were needed of the great interest of the community of scientists working on the study of Mars). http://enjoycoloring.com/ Among them, there were from Spain and one from France. CNES, the French Space Agency, will indeed provide the instrument Planetology SuperCam. Placed on the mast of the rover, it will analyze the chemistry of the remote rocks to highlight the potential biosignatures, traces of past life on the surface of Mars.

March 2020 will also help to advance our knowledge on the possibilities for future human explorers to use natural resources to the surface of the Red Planet. It will carry it for a small unit in-situ resource utilization (ISRU) that will attempt to produce oxygen from the carbon dioxide present in the Martian atmosphere .

Not surprisingly, it will carry a camera system with features never seen before on Mars, like the ability to zoom in on a portion of the image. On board are provided a spectrometer X-ray fluorescence imaging with high-resolution and, for the first time, a Raman spectrometer works in the radiation ultraviolet . Finally, a ground penetrating radar capable of centimeter resolution of the geological structure of the basement will also travel.

The other attraction of the mission is the preparation of the Mars Sample Return to Earth . One of the tasks of the future rover will collect rocks that are then deposited in a container until a device retrieves it for return the animal to our planet.

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