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Alloy simulated on computer from quantum physics

That has changed thanks to the work of an international team of researchers from the Institute of Earth Physics of Paris (CNRS, Paris Diderot, Sorbonne Paris Cité), EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland) and the University College London (UK). These researchers have just published an article on this thorny problem in the renowned journal PNAS .

Methods numerical called dynamic molecular dynamics, network and Monte Carlo can simulate cheap behavior of solids and liquids under conditions of pressure and temperature extremes yet unattainable in the laboratory. Researchers have used the first using a computer. free printable coloring pages It allows to calculate ab initio forces quantum between the atoms forming different metal alloys of iron, nickel and other light elements ( carbon , oxygen, silicon, sulfur) and the behavior of these alloys when they are ... Read more »

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The theory of accretion homogeneous, the most commonly accepted for the formation of the Earth, implies that our planet formed with a relatively homogeneous, but in less than 30 million years chemical composition, it is differentiated with the fall of the heavy elements (mainly the iron and nickel) to its center to form its nucleus. The same phenomenon occurred in the small rocky celestial bodies and that's why you can get an idea of the appearance and composition of the material making up the core of the Earth by studying meteorites , the siderites.

Temperatures that prevail in the core are particularly high and even think that they can reach the surface of the sun , that is to say, 6,000 kelvins. kids coloring pages The fluid is driven by part of the movements and turbulent electric currents . This is also what level to generate the magnetic field land, with the famous effect dynamo Self excited recently reproduced in the la ... Read more »

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There would be oxygen in the Earth's core

We discuss the exact composition of the Earth's core in half a century. It is mainly composed of an alloy of iron and nickel is not debate, but the exact nature of light elements whose presence was required by the data of seismology was unknown. coloring pages for adults Calculations on computers now indicate that there should be at least oxygen.

On 04/08/2014 at 11:29 - By Laurent Sacco, Futura-Sciences

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We see in this image a section of the Gibeon meteorite, a siderite octaedrite classified IV A, found in Namibia in 1836 The beautiful structure of its Widmanstätten and its excellent state of preservation make the meteorite most commonly used in jewelry, but for geologists, it gives clues about the appearance of the iron core and nickel Earth.  © L. Carion,
The existence of the ... Read more »

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The screen as corrective lens

The prototype was tested on a screen iPod touch. The setting of the correction is made ​​in software by entering data from a prescription correction. For testing purposes, to simulate a human eye , the researchers used a system of lenses DSLR identical to that found on the objectives of photo reflex type cameras. The algorithm will then adjust the intensity of each pixel of the screen. The rays of light filtered through the matrix will be more or less powerful to precisely match the display visually impaired user.

If the principle is interesting, it is not without fault. Thus, the prototype is functional only when the subject is placed close to the iPod touch and this with a precise angle. Enjoy Coloring Use this method on a TV remote would be placed much more complicated, especially since only one person at a time could benefit from the correction. That said, the researchers say that it would be p ... Read more »

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Corrector screen that adapts to the individual's vision

In the future, wearing glasses in front of a screen may be a memory. Researchers at UC Berkeley have created a screen prototype that can adapt the image to the visual impairment of a user and not the other.

On 04/08/2014 at 09:28 am - By Sylvain Biget, Futura-Sciences

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Researchers at UC Berkeley are positioned on the screen of an iPod touch prototype filter their micro-perforated.  It is placed on a transparent support of four millimeters and is covered by a shield.  The set comes double the thickness of the Apple player.  © Fu-Chung Huang
Here is an invention that will definitely appeal to holders of eyeglasses or contact lenses . In the future, rather than having to bring in to work at a computer or watching a video, for example, this is what you could adapt its display to the visually impaired user. ... Read more »

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In contrast, the Mediterranean, the confusion is not possible. "There is no other similar species" explains Matthew Lapinski, president of the Association Fins (acronym ichtyological Association for the study, research and observation in the nature of sharks and rays ). This, in the context of collaborative science project " Sea Devil ", which are centralized observations. Thanks to the volunteers of the association, scientists, students and other lovers of the sea, gather all data for the devil sea to conduct a census monitoring of this endangered species. Fins is also interested in the accumulation of mercury in the dogfish and the genetic blue shark .

The devil avoids sea waves

It is therefore logical to what this organization received the video of Yann-Erick Claessens, showing sneak a line of this species ... in the port of Fontviel in Monaco . The images were taken in zoom from the rock, a few hundred meters from the Oceanographic Museum of M ... Read more »

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Video: a heck of a sea - a rare stripe - seen at Monaco

It's called Devil Mediterranean Sea, aka Mobula mobular , and looks like a manta ray. Classified as "Endangered" in the IUCN Red List, nearly endemic in the Mediterranean, it is followed by volunteer observers with the Wings organization. Last observation at the foot of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco!

On 03/08/2014 at 1:38 p.m. - By Jean-Luc Goudet, Futura-Sciences

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Devil Mediterranean Sea Mobula mobular for scientists, is a line of large but unobtrusive. His species is threatened and a campaign of observation is conducted, supported by volunteers and lovers of the sea, under the control of the Fins association, based in Montpellier. The species is distinguished by its dark brown back to dark blue and a darker mark behind the head. The belly is very light shade. © Wings
 < ... Read more »

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Google accompanies many of us in everyday life. Some do not like the tracks on their privacy so remaining on the canvas. © AFP, Loic Venance
Over 50% of European ties already deleted by Google

Google said they removed 53% of the relevant links on its European sites (they still appear on its American sites or other regions where EU law does not apply), but recognizes the difficulties in assessing the validity of requests. "Some claims are found to be made ​​with false or inaccurate information , writes Peter Fleischer, responsible for issues of private data at Google. Though applicants provide us with true, they may, understandably, avoid providing us with facts that are not in their favor. "  And to quote such a person seeking to remove links to information about a crime committed as a minor, by failing to report that she was sentenced as adults for similar offenses, or spe ... Read more »

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Right to be forgotten: Google in trouble with the flood of requests

Google continues to see an influx of requests for removal of links on behalf of the "right to be forgotten" as required by the European court, but said it difficult to assess the lack of clear guidelines.

On 08/05/2014 at 09:37 - For San Francisco - AFP

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Google Drive is a service for storing and sharing files in the cloud launched by Google Inc., 24 April 2012 © Google / Tamburix, Flickr, CC by-nc-sa 2.0 / Montage Futura-Sciences
Following a decision of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, which held that individuals had the right to remove from its search results links to pages with outdated or inaccurate personal information, Google has posted a form for this purpose on its European sites since late May.

In a letter which AFP received a copy he sent Thursday to Article 29 Committee - bringing together ... Read more »

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The choice of instruments reflects the advanced Curiosity

In sharp contrast Curiosity whose mission is to first demonstrate the habitability of its landing site - as indeed allowed the ChemCam of CNES - Curiosity 2 aims to find strong evidence of form of past life. For this, it will carry seven selected out of 58 proposals received by the scientific instruments Nasa (proof if proof were needed of the great interest of the community of scientists working on the study of Mars). Among them, there were from Spain and one from France. CNES, the French Space Agency, will indeed provide the instrument Planetology SuperCam. Placed on the mast of the rover, it will analyze the chemistry of the remote rocks to highlight the potential biosignatures, traces of past life on the surface of Mars.

March 2020 will also help to advance our knowledge on the possibilities for future human explorers to use natural res ... Read more »

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