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9:20 AM
The screen as corrective lens

The screen as corrective lens

The prototype was tested on a screen iPod touch. The setting of the correction is made ​​in software by entering data from a prescription correction. For testing purposes, to simulate a human eye , the researchers used a system of lenses DSLR identical to that found on the objectives of photo reflex type cameras. The algorithm will then adjust the intensity of each pixel of the screen. The rays of light filtered through the matrix will be more or less powerful to precisely match the display visually impaired user.

If the principle is interesting, it is not without fault. Thus, the prototype is functional only when the subject is placed close to the iPod touch and this with a precise angle. Enjoy Coloring Use this method on a TV remote would be placed much more complicated, especially since only one person at a time could benefit from the correction. That said, the researchers say that it would be possible to use this method to so many people can watch the same screen simultaneously. Based on the example of the iPod touch, it would double its resolution is already 326 dpi.

However, remains a concern major. Many people with vision problems do not have a similar correction for both eyes. However, the researchers did not mention unfortunately this configuration in their experimentation ...

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