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Earlier today, Verizon’s DroidLanding Twitter account announced a new contest involving a 4-minute teaser video that asked contestants to "finish the story” for a chance to win several prizes. That’s not the big news here, though.

The teaser video associated with the contest follows the story of a man attempting to deliver an important package. As you seen in the picture above, that package looks a lot like a tablet case.

Unless Verizon is just distracting us and the ‘package’ means nothing, it seems likely that Big Red is preparing to unveil a new Droid tablet. Considering Motorola is the exclusive Droid partner for Verizon, odds are this could end up being the first new Motorola tablet since the Xyboard.

We can’t say we are terribly surprise ... Read more »
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Back in August, HTC’s US President Jason Mackenzie let everyone know his company was working hard to deliver the Android 4.3 firmware update to the HTC One in both the US and Canada before the end of September. As we near the end of the month, the clock is ticking and Mackenzie is back on Twitter with a quick status update.

Turns out the timetable has been slightly tweaked, with 4.3 now said to hit only HTC One Developer Editions in the US — no carrier models. Mackenzie does mention that HTC Ones in Canada can look forward to an Android 4.3 update next month, unfortunately there was no schedule on 4.3 for carrier banded models in the US (typical). However, he did assure tweeters that HTC is working "full speed” to ob ... Read more »
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The Ubuntu Edge didn’t reach its Indiegogo funding goal, meaning it will not come to market. This doesn’t mean that Canonical is ready to give up on Ubuntu Touch OS, though! In fact, Ubuntu Touch is almost ready for release and has announced a launch date – October 17.

Canonical’s amazing phone will probably never see the light of day, but you will be able to flash it into your compatible devices. We doubt we will be able to make it dual-boot (like the Ubuntu Edge was said to), so why exactly would us Android fans ever want to get rid of our favorite mobile OS for Ubuntu Touch OS?

What makes Ubuntu Touch OS awesome?

The Ubuntu Touch OS is pretty much a simplified version of the desktop Ubuntu O ... Read more »
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Android commander
Android Commander is a free application that helps you to control your Android files from your PC, you can easily manipulate the files on Android devices from your Desktop PC.

Android Commander has multiple functions and tools, to give you  a total control over your Android device and its files, like I said from our Desktop PC. After you downloaded and installed the Android Commander app, you’ll control and manage the files between smartphone and PC with a simple interface. You can create folders, transfer files and folders to and from your devices, but also with this app you can organize different directories, delete files and folders, rename and edit proprieties ... Read more »
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Last week Google finally announced and released Android 4.3 Jelly Bean into the wild, and while there wasn’t any major visual changes, they made plenty of tweaks under the hood. While everything is faster and smoother with the latest release, one of the changes has been causing issues for video players. Today VLC for Android quickly updated their app to solve those problems.

If you’re lucky enough to already have the update to 4.3 JB on your Nexus 4, or already own the newly released Nexus 7, you’ve probably experienced an issue or two with your favorite video players. I don’t know about you guys, but I rely on Archos Video Player for all my video needs, and their ... Read more »
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Yep, we totally saved the best for last with this one. As one of today’s leading Android-powered devices, as well as the latest model in Google’s long-running Nexus series of handsets, the Nexus 4 certainly belongs in any list of best Android smartphones. It managed to land on the top spot of this list in particular because apart from having many of today’s best smartphone hardware features (with a few exceptions), it also has a shockingly low price tag.

... Read more »

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