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In contrast, the Mediterranean, the confusion is not possible. "There is no other similar species" explains Matthew Lapinski, president of the Association Fins (acronym ichtyological Association for the study, research and observation in the nature of sharks and rays ). This, in the context of collaborative science project " Sea Devil ", which are centralized observations. Thanks to the volunteers of the association, scientists, students and other lovers of the sea, gather all data for the devil sea to conduct a census monitoring of this endangered species. Fins is also interested in the accumulation of mercury in the dogfish and the genetic blue shark .

The devil avoids sea waves

It is therefore logical to what this organization received the video of Yann-Erick Claessens, showing sneak a line of this species ... in the port of Fontviel in Monaco . The images were taken in zoom from the rock, a few hundred meters from the Oceanographic Museum of M ... Read more »

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Video: a heck of a sea - a rare stripe - seen at Monaco

It's called Devil Mediterranean Sea, aka Mobula mobular , and looks like a manta ray. Classified as "Endangered" in the IUCN Red List, nearly endemic in the Mediterranean, it is followed by volunteer observers with the Wings organization. Last observation at the foot of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco!

On 03/08/2014 at 1:38 p.m. - By Jean-Luc Goudet, Futura-Sciences

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Devil Mediterranean Sea Mobula mobular for scientists, is a line of large but unobtrusive. His species is threatened and a campaign of observation is conducted, supported by volunteers and lovers of the sea, under the control of the Fins association, based in Montpellier. The species is distinguished by its dark brown back to dark blue and a darker mark behind the head. The belly is very light shade. © Wings
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Google accompanies many of us in everyday life. Some do not like the tracks on their privacy so remaining on the canvas. © AFP, Loic Venance
Over 50% of European ties already deleted by Google

Google said they removed 53% of the relevant links on its European sites (they still appear on its American sites or other regions where EU law does not apply), but recognizes the difficulties in assessing the validity of requests. "Some claims are found to be made ​​with false or inaccurate information , writes Peter Fleischer, responsible for issues of private data at Google. Though applicants provide us with true, they may, understandably, avoid providing us with facts that are not in their favor. "  And to quote such a person seeking to remove links to information about a crime committed as a minor, by failing to report that she was sentenced as adults for similar offenses, or spe ... Read more »

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Right to be forgotten: Google in trouble with the flood of requests

Google continues to see an influx of requests for removal of links on behalf of the "right to be forgotten" as required by the European court, but said it difficult to assess the lack of clear guidelines.

On 08/05/2014 at 09:37 - For San Francisco - AFP

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Google Drive is a service for storing and sharing files in the cloud launched by Google Inc., 24 April 2012 © Google / Tamburix, Flickr, CC by-nc-sa 2.0 / Montage Futura-Sciences
Following a decision of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, which held that individuals had the right to remove from its search results links to pages with outdated or inaccurate personal information, Google has posted a form for this purpose on its European sites since late May.

In a letter which AFP received a copy he sent Thursday to Article 29 Committee - bringing together ... Read more »

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The choice of instruments reflects the advanced Curiosity

In sharp contrast Curiosity whose mission is to first demonstrate the habitability of its landing site - as indeed allowed the ChemCam of CNES - Curiosity 2 aims to find strong evidence of form of past life. For this, it will carry seven selected out of 58 proposals received by the scientific instruments Nasa (proof if proof were needed of the great interest of the community of scientists working on the study of Mars). Among them, there were from Spain and one from France. CNES, the French Space Agency, will indeed provide the instrument Planetology SuperCam. Placed on the mast of the rover, it will analyze the chemistry of the remote rocks to highlight the potential biosignatures, traces of past life on the surface of Mars.

March 2020 will also help to advance our knowledge on the possibilities for future human explorers to use natural res ... Read more »

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According to a new report from ABI Research, Android-powered tablets have finally done the unimaginable; they have outsold the iPad. With a 17% dip in sales for the quarter from Q1, global tablet sales are up 23% year-over-year for the same quarterly period. In addition, the research firm found that 7″ models are now the majority of tablets sold, thanks to the iPad Mini (7.9″) and all of the various Android OEMs that currently produce 7-inch slates. 

Revenue for tablets sold through Q2 in 2013 reached $12.7 billion, with Apple taking a hefty 50% of that amount, and the rest going to all other tablet manufacturers. This can’t be labeled as a win for any one Android manufacturer in particular, but a win for the ecosystem in general. More than likely, Amazon’s Kindle line and Sam ... Read more »
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If you missed out on the opportunity to enroll your newly purchased Verizon Android phone in some sort of protection plan through Asurion, now is your chance to sign-up. Big Red and Asurion are currently hosting an open enrollment for protection plans that runs from now until December 2. 

You’ll be able to choose from all of Verizon’s protection offerings like the newly introduced Total Mobile Protection (TMP) or a basic extended warranty. TMP will cost you $10 a month, but is the "most comprehensive” as it includes replacement, support, and security services. From there, you could drop to $8 per month and choose Total Equipment Coverage (TEC), $5.18 per month for Wireless Phone Protection (WPP), or $3 per month for an extended warranty.
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Yesterday we saw the HTC One Developer Edition officially receive its Android 4.3 update. While this all good n’ dandy for those that paid full price for the One (ie, yours truly), it goes without saying the vast majority of HTC One owners purchased theirs through their carrier (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc). It’s those customers who are wondering when they can expect Android 4.3 to arrive on their Ones and according to HTC… soon.

As a recap, talk of the One receiving Android 4.3 kicked off back towards the end of August when HTC’s President of US revealed their plans to update carrier US/Canadian Ones and the HTC DROID DNA to 4.3 before the end of September. With barely 3 days left in the month, John Mackenzie is back again with a quick status ... Read more »
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It was back in February of this year that the CyanogenMod team announced that they would be changing the name of their custom clock widget, Chronus, to that of "cLock”. This was due to the team being hit with a cease and desist letter from someone claiming to own the rights to the name. 

Check out:

Today, the CyanogenMod developer responsible for the clock widget is announcing the triumphant return of "Chronus”, this time available to all in the Google Play Store. The app is completely free to download and, similar to apps like DashClock, gives you a nice clock widget displaying the time, along with the weather and upcoming calendar events.
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out of South Korea is reporting that Samsung will begin producing a premium lineup of smartphones, starting next year. The devices, which currently assume the codename "Project F”, will be coming to retail in March of 2014, according to Japanese blog rbmen.

The devices, which are said to be the next iteration of the Galaxy S4 and Note line of devices, will not only up the ante on specs, but make a radical departure in regard to Samsung’s tried-and-true build quality. Said to have a "metal chassis” like the HTC One, the devices could also have a 5-inch screen and optical image stabilization in the camera. ETNews also notes a 1600 million pixel camera, but that is probably going to be a 16MP shooter that has been lost in Google translation.

ETNews went on to mention the devices will run ... Read more »
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